DCAA/FAR Compliance-Seminar Online or Onsite

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  • Speakers

    Jennifer Schultz
    Curtis Wehr
    Tiffany Jones

    Curtis Wehr/Tiffany Jones



  • Date

    May 8th - 9th, 2018
  • In Person

    GovCon Solutions Training Center
    390 Interlocken Crescent, Suite 350
    Broomfield, CO 80021

  • Live Online

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    All Sessions: $2,499

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    March 31,2018 $1,999

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  • Tuesday, May 8th
    • "9:30am-Noon MST
      DCAA Government Cost Accounting
      • Government Agencies
      • Federal Acquisition Regulations
      • Procurement Process
      • Cost Accounting/Accounting Basics
      • Adequate Accounting System
      • Direct and Indirect Costs
      • Structuring Specific Cost Pools-Indirect Rates
      • Labor Cost Tracking Issues
      • Travel Guidelines
      • Unallowable Costs/ Equipment/ Bill
      Jennifer Schultz
    • Noon-12:30pm MST
      Provided By Gov-Con
    • 12:30-2:30pm MST
      DCAA Government cost Accounting
      • DCAA Pre Award Accounting System Survey Audits (Pre-Contract Award)
      • DCAA Post Award Accounting System Audits
      • Voucher Audits
      • Financial Capability Audits
      • Policies and Procedures
      • Labor Floor Checks
      Jennifer Schultz
  • Wednesday, May 9th
    • 9:00am-10:00am MST
      Inidirect Rate Development
      • Prepare labor worksheets-CPFF/FFP Contracts
      • Prepare direct cost
      • Calculate indirect cost for growing companies
      • Prepare quick and comprehensive budgets
      • Creating a target rate
      • Monitoring budgeted vs. actual indirect rates
      • DCAA Indirect Rate Audits 

      *Indirect Rates are negotiated with DCAA for ‘Flexibility and FFP Government Contracts’

      Jennifer Schultz
    • 11:00am-Noon MST
      Incurred Cost Submissions (ICE Reports)


      • Incurred Cost Proposal ‘schedule by schedule’ preparation instructions
      • DCAA Incurred Cost Proposal Adequacy
      • Amending Previous ICE Reports
      • Situations requiring amendment
      • Over and Underbilled status (what to do)
      • What schedules to submit?
      • DCAA 

      *These reports are required to submit 6 months  close of the fiscal period for ‘Flexibility Type Contracts’

      Jennifer Schultz
    • Noon-12:30-MST
      Provided by Gov-Con
    • 12:30-3:00pm MST
      QuickBooks 'Desktop' Seminar
      • Chart of Account Design (Direct, Indirect, and Unallowable Segregation)
      • Data Entry (Segregation of direct and indirect costs)
      • Labor Distribution
      • Payroll Set-up
      • Total Time Accounting
      • Timecard reconciliation to payroll records
      • Job Costing
      • Contract Segregation
      • Job Cost Reports-Job Cost Ledger
      • General Ledger Control
      Curtis Wehr/Tiffany Jones
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