DCAA Compliance Audits

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DCAA Compliance Audits

DCAA Compliance doesn’t need to be a headache.

We make it simple. GovCon is a one-stop shop for DCAA audit support. Whether you need a little guidance, a comprehensive review, or ongoing support – we’ll provide the tools, policies, software and expertise to make your compliance easier, more cost-efficient and reliable. We can be your team, be on your team, or teach your team the best way to stay compliant. We’ll work to create the right solution for your organization, so you can rest assured that your contract is not at risk.


Pre-Contract Award DCAA Audit
(Accounting System Review)

Contracting officers request a Pre Award Audit in order to understand the accounting system which is being used by a government contractor. Many government contractors are stupefied to find out that their accounting system is not adequate to perform on Government Contracts, even if the books are being meticulously kept.

Client Perspective

"GovCon Solutions removed the fear of our Pre Award Audit with DCAA. We passed with zero findings. The GovCon team handled the audit remotely from their office in Denver while DCAA was physically at our office in New Jersey. The DCAA auditors where very impressed by our system and we were told the audit typically takes 2 days, our DCAA Audit was completed in 2 hours teaming with the GovCon team. We highly recommend using GovCon’s DCAA Audit Services."

Vincent Stango, Stango Obsidian Alliance, Inc.

Post-Contract Award DCAA Audits

Once a Government Contractor begins its performance on the Contract, DCAA intervention does not go away. Your business will have the below audits until the contract performance elapses.

Indirect Rate Audits

Performed at the beginning of the contract and each new fiscal period- Types of contracts Cost Plus Fixed Fee, Task Orders, Time & Material, and Subcontractors to a prime.

Indirect Cost Rate Forecasting allows your company to calculate your indirect rates in order to correctly establish billing indirect rates as well as establishing Indirect Rates for contracts you are bidding on.

We offer two Indirect Rate Cost Estimator tools:

  • Indirect Cost Tool for Pre-Award audits, Annual Indirect Cost Rate negotiations, and Establishing a Safe Harbor Indirect Rate. This allows you to know exactly what indirect rates you should be using for invoicing billing rates and pricing future costs proposals.
  • Forward Pricing Rates for firm fixed priced proposals. Our forward pricing rate model will estimate indirect rates for a firm fixed price proposal (for the period of performance of your contract). The DCAA will ask for this when evaluating the rates included on the cost proposal. Our budget extends 5-10 years of estimating calculations.
Voucher Audits

DCAA wants to make sure you are adhering to your policies and procedures you committed to during the Pre-Award Accounting System audit. The Voucher Audit is a spot check that your accounting system is still in full compliance

Labor Floor Checks

This is the only unannounced DCAA Audit. DCAA can show up at your place of business unannounced. The recording of time is a cost element DCAA pays detail attention too.

DCAA Floor check procedures consists of:

  • Employee interviews;
  • Observations of the contractor’s physical location; and
  • Related analysis of employee timekeeping practices.
DCAA Incurred Cost Audits (DCAA ICE Audits)

Incurred Cost Schedules are required to be submitted to the government 6 months after the end of the contractor's fiscal year for cost reimbursable type and time & material contracts. The government will audit these reports as well.

GovCon will prepare or review your annual year end Incurred Cost Proposal (ICE) to ensure that your claim is submitted properly and is considered adequate by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA).

Our services include:

  • Preparation/adequacy of each schedule
  • Determination of Cost over/under run of each cost type contract/grant
  • Review of the accuracy of your fiscal year close
  • Audit/classification of allowable/unallowable costs
  • Actual indirect rate calculation
  • Cost Management Reports/Job Cost adjustment to actual indirect rates
  • Contract Briefs
  • Review of the adequacy of the ICE before submitting to the DCAA

Client Perspective

"Teaming with GovCon for DCAA compliance was a great decision for our startup business performing on Government Contracts. GovCon supplied us a DCAA compliant Pre-Award Audit letter that gave our Prime contractor confidence that our firm was a trusted partner to team, win, and deliver the contract. We definitely recommend teaming with the GovCon team for DCAA compliance!"

Dwight Hunt, B3 Group Inc.

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