DCAA Compliance Training for Government Contractors

Unmatched experience and expertise

Learn the critical elements of DCAA compliance from professionals with over 20 year in the industry. Our instructors bring a wealth of a real-world government contracting experience and proven instruction methodologies. These instructional webinars and seminars make the complex world of DCAA compliance easier to navigate and increase success rates for government contractors.

Do it right. Leverage our our experience to avoid common mistakes that can put your contract at risk. We’ve managed hundreds of successful DCAA audits, and can help you do the same.

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Typical Pre-Contract DCAA Audits

  • Cost Proposal Audit
  • Indirect Rate Proposal Audit
  • Safe Harbor Indirect Cost Rate Audit
  • Forward Pricing Rate Audit
  • Financial Capability Audit
  • DCAA Pre-Award Audit

Typical Performance Period DCAA Audits

  • Voucher Audit
  • Labor Floor Check Audit
  • Post Accounting Award Audit
  • Fiscal Year Indirect Rate Proposal Audit
  • Incurred Cost Proposal Audit

What can happen if you don’t pass?

  • Loss of cash flow
  • Loss opportunity to a competitor
  • Loss of future opportunity with other customers
  • Delayed contract start date (6 month waiting period to re-audit)
We make compliance simple.

Rely on hands-on training from our experts to help you avoid common mistakes, pass your audit and keep your contract in good standing.

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