DCAA Compliance Simplified

Compliance doesn’t need to be a headache. We make it simple. Whether you just need a little guidance, a comprehensive review or ongoing support, we’ll give you the tools, software and expertise to make your compliance easier, more cost-efficient and reliable. And, we’ll teach your team the best way to remain compliant so you can rest assured that your contract is not at risk.

Chances are, you won’t be audited by the DCAA

But are you willing to bet your contract on it? Over 7,000 companies thought they wouldn’t be audited last year. It pays to do it right. It only takes one “finding” to fail; one typo, or one employee that didn’t reconcile. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Our expert help can pay for itself many times over.

Expertise you can count on.

We’re DCAA compliance specialists, that’s all we do. We’ve successfully handled hundreds of DCAA audits over the past 20 years so we know how auditors think. We’ve got your back. Have confidence in knowing that you’re fully covered, and all of the requirements are being met in the most cost-efficient way. Avoid the headache of DCAA compliance. You’ve probably got more important things to focus on.

Use only what you need

There are lots of ways we can help. What works best for you?

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Your excellent communication skills helped us to understand the fundamentals of accounting requirements. You provided the support that enabled us to pass the government audit without difficulty!

Ella Makarkina, Treasurer Spectral Imaging Laboratory Los Angeles, CA